I’m a 20-something recruiter and tech startup enthusiast with a natural tendency to let anxiety get the better of me. I’m striving to build a life for myself while taking control of the little stresses in life, whether personal, professional, financial, or political.

Whenever I feel that anxiety creep in, I remind myself that this is just a small moment in time, and that nothing is permanent – good or bad. All we can do is make the best choices possible, and gradually improve our situation. Being able to zoom out and think about where the current problem lies in the grand scheme of things has been immensely helpful in keeping me on track, and with one little problem solved at a time, the future’s been looking brighter and brighter.

Tis But A Moment is my attempt to tackle those little anxieties, take back control, and build the life I want to live. So why the blog? I’ve learned a lot over the years about people, personal finance, and working in tech startups. While I’m still learning, I hope that by sharing my experience, lessons learned, and tools acquired, it may help other highly stressed, highly motivated people build some peace of mind and find their happiness.