Starting Something New

I’ve had a huge realization. It wasn’t instant – rather, things have been changing over the course of several years now, but it’s finally caught up with me.

I don’t have to be so stressed all the time.

That’s it. That’s the aha moment.

Hear me out – I grew up here in Los Angeles, and while the beach bum and Hollywood socialite stereotypes can ring true, neither was accurate to my experience. I was one of those privileged brats that was a high performer in a pool of high performers, and I still consider myself such. But somewhere between graduating from undergrad and now, I’ve dropped the pressure on that being my main defining attribute.

I’ve found happiness that I never expected – my work is more fulfilling, I have a great support network of friends and family that are there no matter what, and I no longer feel the same immense pressure that felt like a requirement for millennials.

Instead, I’m building a life that tackles or removes the things that stress me out, whether personal, professional, financial, or political. Whenever I feel the panic start to set in, I remind myself that this is but a small moment in time, and that nothing is permanent – good or bad. All we can do is make the best choices possible, and gradually improve our situation. Being able to zoom out and think about where the current problem lies in the grand scheme of things has been immensely helpful.

So why the blog?

I had an old friend visit last night and realized that I wasn’t alone in that constant panic, stress, and Imposter Syndrome. She felt the anxiety from her career, relationships, and finances crushing her down. We had a long conversation about those familiar feelings, the same stressful nightmares and mental lists running at all hours…

That’s when I realized what a miraculous shift in perspective this is. I’m hoping that by sharing my experience, lessons learned, and tools acquired, it may help other highly stressed, highly motivated people find their happiness.

So, in the words of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, “don’t panic.” We’ll be alright. This is just a small moment in an impossibly large universe, and just one piece of your timeline.


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